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How to Deal with Difficult Clients as a Freelancer.

We all get that occasional person in our lives that we just can't please no matter how hard we try. Even people pleasers such as myself have the occasional hard person. I was always taught that if you are kind enough, and work hard enough, you can win over anyone. Which to an extent, I agree. However, some people will just never be happy with anything. Now, I'm not saying don't be kind, and don't work hard, I'm saying that if something or someone is too much for you, then guess what? It's okay!


Below are some tips on dealing with difficult clients.

1.I heard a term once that has always helped me. FromMLE is your friend. It stands for “From my limited experience” using this mentally before responding can help you think about a softer response. Taking a short time to think things through, and thinking with your logic brain rather than your emotions can save you a lot of headache.

2. Acknowledge but don’t agree. Sometimes if you agree with a client just to please them, it can backfire. If you can acknowledge their position and shift the conversation to the resolution, you may shift away from the ranting and toward a solution for their complaint.

3. Ask what they’d like the outcome to be. Figure out if that is feasible for you. Explain why or why not. Remember, you work for YOU, not them. Try to find a solution that works for

everyone involved.

4. Document EVERYTHING. I'm serious. EVERYTHING. I have a folder for each client within my email where I put every single correspondence via email. I have a Dropbox folder for each client as well where I keep text messages, facebook messages etc...Even if it seems small, always keep a record. If you have a phone call, make sure to follow it up with some sort of written communication with a summary of what you talked about and the date/time. Odds are you won't ever need it, but it can save you.

"You can't fix crazy. All you can do is document it."

5. Know that sometimes things aren’t going to work out, and that’s okay! Remember this is your business. You make the rules. If a client isn’t a good fit, that’s perfectly fine. Part ways, and continue on.


It can be frustrating, and sometimes disheartening to part ways with a client. But just remember to stay true to YOU, and do the best you can do. It's okay to mess up sometimes. We all do it. Don't ever let anyone treat you poorly because of a mistake. Sometimes it may not even be your fault, it could be a clash of personalities and work styles. All will be well, I promise! Don't give up, and know 'you are doing great, sweetie.'



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